Conakry - Guinea

In Conakry, during discharging operations, we apply very strict reporting and monitoring rules: construction sites must be secure, non-compliant trucks refused; certain damages must be fixed contradictorily at ship's tackle. JLB Expertises was a pioneer in the implementation of these strict rules and has been represented in Conakry since 2006. The mobility of our staff allows us to assign our agents to sites within the country or for one-off missions in the sub-region.

We can intervene in Conakry for the following services:

- Discharging operations of breakbulk cargo, our supervisors are all trained in surveys on various imported cargo (rice, sugar, frozen products, etc.)

- Damage surveys on various cargo

- Damage prevention and risk managementof cocoa, coffee and cashew nuts (prevention, quality control, weight control, etc.) in containers or on bulk carrier vessels