JLB Expertises Ivory Coast

Created in 1997, JLB Expertises Ivory Coast is the oldest of JLB Expertises' operations in Africa and has two offices in Abidjan and San Pedro and two laboratories. More than 100 people are employed at JLB Expertises Ivory Coast and all of the group’s activities are represented there. The mobility of our staff allows us to assign our agents to sites within the country or for one-off missions in the sub-region.

We can intervene in Ivory Coast for the following services:

- Discharging operations of breakbulk cargo, our supervisors are all trained in surveys on various imported cargo (rice, sugar, frozen products, etc.)

- Damage surveys on various cargo

- Damage prevention and risk management on the main Ivorian agricultural raw materials (cocoa, coffee, sugar, cashew nuts, bananas, pineapples, mangoes, cotton, etc.). A significant part of the activity concerns cocoa export controls (prevention, quality control, weight control, etc.) in containers or on bulk carrier vessels. On vessels, we carry out nautical surveys before loading.

- Quality analysis to meet the need for cocoa exporters to ensure quality and traceability of their cargo. It is also the way to offer a complete service from the stuffing sites to loading. JLB Expertises Ivory Coast is a member of the FCC (Federation of Cocoa Commerce) and is equipped with two cocoa quality control laboratories meeting FCC standards, in Abidjan and San Pedro. The proposed analyzes are as follows:

  • Cocoa beans: Measurement of humidity level, graining, cutting test, foreign matter, claws, flat beans, chemical analyzes of FFA (Free Fatty Acid)
  • Coffee: Measurement of humidity level, determination of grade (according to Ivorian standards), sorting and determination of defects
  • Cashew nuts: Measurement of humidity level, graining, shell defects and foreign matter, kernel defects, measurement of kernel yield and out-turn.

- Cocoa sustainability : The JLB Expertises CI Sustainability team, made up of agronomists, develops these projects linked to sustainability by going directly to the field in cocoa cooperatives in order to provide visibility to players in the sector, such as chocolate makers. or traders, regarding local practices.

- Draft Surveys and Bunker Surveys

ISO 9001 Certification : Recognition of the quality of service of JLB Expertises Ivory Coast

Since 2021, the quality management system of JLB Expertises Ivory Coast has been evaluated by AFNOR Certification as conforming to the requirements of the ISO 9001 “Quality Management systems” standards for prevention, monitoring, control and survey.

Honouring customer requirements whilst continually improving the quality of our services : the quality management system reflects the strength and efficiency of JLB Expertises Ivory coast, dedicated to its partners and customers.

Our quality policy