In many ports in Africa, we are monitoring, on behalf of Cargo Underwriters, the unloading operations of breakbulk cargo. With this, we are able to both set up a damage prevention scheme during unloading as well as, in case of damage during sea voyage, to assess accurately and in a contradictory manner, damaged quantities and the causes of these damages.

Since its inception, JLB Expertises has been developing expertise in rice, flour, sugar, cement, cereals, fruits and frozen products.

Our staff is trained to work in all the African ports where we are represented (our implantations). Our supervisors and surveyors have over 10 years of experience gained through the many missions they’ve been assigned to throughout the various countries covered by JLB.

During the operations, our “back office” in Marseille keeps our principals informed with daily reports on the conditions and the progression of the unloading operations.

Our tally and findings are done in a contradictory manner : the documents written by JLB Expertises and signed on a daily basis by the different parties (Daily report, Letter of Protest, etc.) make it easier for insurers to process the files.

Moreover, in some Ports, our staff is trained in draft surveys.