JLB Expertises

JLB Expertises is the international headoffice of Cabinet BARRAL – a surveyor company founded in 1883 in Marseille.

JLB Expertises is an independent company, established in several African, Asian and European countries.

Our main areas of expertise are agricultural and food products imported into and exported from West Africa.

We specialise in six different fields :

  • Damage survey
  • Damage survey on breakbulk and bulk
  • Risk prevention consultancy for port operations
  • Quality control of soft commodities
  • Warehouse inspection and stock controls
  • Cocoa cooperatives control or follow-up on sustainability premiums management

For more than 30 years, we have extensive experience in Africa. We are located in more than 20 different ports in Africa and mainly in West Africa.

We also have 5 subsidiaries in Africa: Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo, Cameroon and Madagascar. For all African countries, the staff is exclusively "JLB Expertises" through partnerships established with local experts. We can also intervene, on request and with our partners, quickly in other cities and neighboring countries.

Expats are in charge of managing our subsidiaries in Ivory Coast and Ghana. 4 Agronomists Engineers based in Ivory Coast, Ghana and Senegal are in charge of supporting our teams and allow us to handle more technical expertise with their product knowledge.

Our head office is located in Marseille, France, where all back office operations are grouped together. The team manages contacts with our clients and works with agents around the world. Daily information and final reports are issued from headquarters.

Our values ​​are competence, experience, integrity and independence.

The profession of sworn brokers with the Court of Appeal is governed by the August 19th, 1994 decree, defining stringent rules of behavior and integrity. Because of their specific legal background and knowledge of cargo, sworn brokers are regularly appointed as court experts, situation in which their probity and integrity is the guarantee of their independence.

These values have been passed on to our teams. This enable us to guarantee to our Principals an efficient technical work as well as swift and reliable information. They are then able to make the most of our reports.