JLB Madagascar

JLB Madagascar, based in Tamatave, was created in 2010 in association with the French laboratory Vanalyse, specialized in the analysis of vanilla and spices and in partnership with the CTHT, a local association, acting to promote the horticultural sectors on the coast is from Madagascar.

With its own laboratory, JLB Madagascar is the first and only private and independent company in Madagascar to offer chromatography analyses. These techniques allow the separation of all the constituents of natural products. Liquid chromatography (HPLC) analyzes make it possible to precisely determine the quantities of active ingredients. This is the reference method for measuring vanillin in vanilla pods and extracts (ISO 5565). Gas chromatography (GC) is suitable for the analysis of essential oils and their quality control.

We can intervene in Madagascar for the following services:

- Discharging operations of breakbulk cargo in the main ports of the island: Tamatave, Diego Suarez, Nosy Be, Tuléar, Majunga, Vohemar, Ehoala.

- Damage surveys on various cargo

- Damage prevention and risk management, monitoring of stuffing, weight control as well as monitoring of containers from their arrival at the port until their delivery to the MICTSL (stevedore of the port of Tamatave), by assisting in scanning operations and inspection of customs officers.

- Quality analysis on exported agricultural raw materials (laboratory in Tamatave): vanilla, spices (cloves, pepper, cinnamon, pink pepper, etc.) and essential oils (cloves, pepper, cinnamon, etc.)

- Quality analysis on cocoa (laboratory in Ambanja)