Since its inception, JLB Expertises has always made sure that its staff developed a real knowledge on the surveyed products. Thanks to this policy, we are now able to offer quality controls on agricultural products exported from Africa.

Cocoa, Coffee and Cashew Nuts

In the main West African countries (Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo, Nigeria, Liberia, Cameroun, Sierra Leona, Guinea, Madagascar) the samples due to be analysed are prepared, according to the FCC standards, by our own staff on the lots designated by our Principals.

Each subsidiary is equipped with a laboratory. Our staff is trained in quality analysis : cut tests, moisture, bean count, FFA on demand.

Our equipment is regularly maintained and our measures equipment (scales, Aqua Boy and Dickey Jones) are periodically calibrated.

Our West African branches are all members of the Federation of Cocoa Commerce (FCC). Our teams are present during stuffing to guarantee traceability of the sampled lots and make sure that the FCC norms are applied.

Most of the time, we combine quality controls with measures of damage prevention and monitoring during loading operations.

Vanilla, Spices, Essential Oil

Quality controls on these products are done in Madagascar.

In our subsidiary in Madagascar, we also carry out quality controls on the following soft commodities: Vanilla, spices (clove, pepper, cinnamon, pink berries ...), cashew nuts, cornillas, and essential oils (cloves, pepper, cinnamon ... ).